Thursday, 28 April 2011

Elliot Clarks Florists, Edinburgh - Thanks for the Jam

After a long and bitterly cold winter, the coming of spring finally enabled my father to make his long drive to my mothers home city of Edinburgh and place of rest.
The drive takes us through the dramatical landscape of Northumberland, across the border regions and on to the beautiful city of Edinburgh, stopping at the pretty market town of Jedburgh for a cup of tea and a toilet break.
Being a traditional man and of little interest in the love of gardening, my father turns to Elliot Clark Florist in Edinburgh who always give him a warm welcome and are happy to help him to chose a suitable bunch of flowers for my mother.
Listening to the florist helping my Father with their gentle Edinburgh accents gives me a tremendous sense of comfort and immediately transports me back to my childhood.
Settled on a beautiful bunch of roses my father and I made our way back to the car, but before we could pass the frontage of the shop we were stopped by out on the street by Evie, one of the florist who warmly give my father a pot of her home made Victoria Plum jam. My father was delighted to receive the gift and has thoroughly enjoyed on his jammie piece! - Thank you Elliot Clark Florists