About Me

James Newrick
I trained and gathered many years of experience as a gardener and landscape architect both in the UK and Sweden.  Furthermore, I am a qualified teacher and legally trained solicitor – And that’s the formalities out of the way!

My love of gardening started in my early teens when I began tidying up my parent’s garden in preparation for a visit from my aunty from Canada and since then I’ve never stopped enjoying a garden.

From those early days, my designs have received several awards including the British Association of Landscape Industries award.  Yet, the highlight came when I was invited to meet her Majesty the Queen when she unveiled a plaque at one of my designs.

Apart from writing for Seaforth Garden I lecture on garden design and management, give the occasional talk and I am eager to further myself as a garden columnist and would welcome any offers from the gardening media out there.

Well folks!  I guess that’s all about me.

Seaforth Garden
Seaforth Garden was launched in April 2011, so we are very much in our infancy.

I started the blog as a way of sharing my passion for gardening and related topics such as cooking, DIY, crafts, art and seasonal interests.

My vision is to continually improve Seaforth Garden with interesting and useful postings to enable the site to grow in popularity, and continue to provide services such as the garden shop and garden books.

The goal being that this site will secure my young family and I return to the beautiful county of Hampshire, England. But I cannot do this without your help and support.

Therefore, Seaforth Garden is hopefully more than a working business; it will serve as a portal for you the reader to share your comments and tips, inspired by my postings as I am very interested to hear your thoughts.

So please sign up now to become a follower of Seaforth Garden or place us in your favourites so you too can be a part of our success story.

I look forward to seeing you at Seaforth Garden.