Tuesday, 7 June 2011


Fresh Peas Please...Pretty Please!
This year’s first sowing of garden peas fell foul to the gardener’s old enemy, the dreaded slug. Many of my seeds were eaten away as they emerged through the soil and thus failed to establish. Determined as ever to enjoy fresh peas from a pod in my garden this summer, I have sown a second crop which are doing just fine – so far!
Whether I am growing the dwarf or taller varieties, I always support the young pea plants with enough sturdy supports to protect the plants against strong summer winds that will blow them over when bearing their heavy fruits.

I like to use traditional brushwood (pea sticks) of a height that the peas will grow to. The pea plants will soon cover the sticks so they can no longer be seen. However, other methods of support can be used such as bamboo canes linked together with garden twine or garden netting -That sounded like something the BBC would say.

And with a wee bit of gardener’s luck my children and I will be enjoying fresh garden peas this summer.

Do let me know how your garden peas are coming along?

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