Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Himalayan Lily

Humbled by Himalayan Giant

Walking to a friend’s house I stumbled upon a flower garden bursting with colour, form and intrigue. Curious to see more of the garden I knocked on the owner’s door and asked to have a look around. I was not disappointed, the array of herbaceous plants, bulbs and shrubs was breath taking and in the coming months I hope to share with you, more of this wonderful plant collection on the Seaforth Garden Seasonal Interest page.

But let me start with Cardiocrinum giganteum, the Giant Himalayan Lily. A hardy bulbous perennial which dies after flowering, but leave behind small offset bulbs which will reach flowering size after 3-5 years. Cardiocrinum giganteum grows up to 3m (9 ft) tall, with a spiral of delicately fragrant, large, white trumpet  shaped flowers which appear between June and August.

 A truly magnificent plant!

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