Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Summer Holiday

Summer holiday ...we’re all going on a

If you are planning to get away this holiday season, here’s a little reminder of some of the jobs to do in the vegetable patch before going away, to avoid returning home to a wizened, pest and disease ridden disaster, spoiling all that good work which has been done in the vegetable plot to date.

First, be sure to pick all the vegetables that are ready or almost ready before you go, or, ask a neighbour to gather in any vegetables that ripen whilst you’re away.

Apply a good top dressing and fertiliser before you depart, followed by a heavy watering to prevent your plot becoming under nourished while you are away.

Tackle all those nasty pests and diseases which are sure to have a feast while you are soaking up the sunshine.

Remove any young plants from under cloches and frames before departing to avoid the risk of overheating or shortage of water.

Plant out seedlings and freely water them at least one week before going away to get them established.

Finally, those runner beans will be reaching the tops of their canes soon, so nip out the tops to encourage pod formation and growth.  This will also encourage side shoots and consequently, more beans.

Also see Seaforth Garden Jobs for the Month page and add all your holiday tips.

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